SYXMOTO Holeshot-X 50cc Dirt Bike

SYXMOTO Holeshot-X 50cc Dirt Bike


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Attention: Decals with the bike might be slightly different from the pictures shown due to different parts used by the manufacturer.


  1. High performace 2 stroke 50cc engine with pull start.
  2. 2 Level Speed Limiter(15mph, 30 mph) for safety driving along with safety kill switch.
  3. California legal with Red Sticker!
  4. Fuel to Oil Ratio: 25:1



Attention: Decals on the bike you get might be slightly different from the pictures shown due to diff. This product will be excluded from all discounts! 

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  1. Based on the vehicles’ nature and intended use, it is strongly recommended that assembly and PDI be performed by trained, licensed mechanics.
  2. All units, including those which have been fully assembled, are subject to unforeseen conditions during transit. All units must be inspected prior to initial operation in order to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure a good riding experience.

Due to excessive delivery rates to certain areas in the states of East Coast, HI, and AK, a freight charge may be required. Please call in for a quote.

Estimated Size Placement Chart


49cc~70cc 3.5’~4′
110cc~125cc 4’~5′
140cc and up 5′ and up
This chart shows the absolute best size person to fit in this unit. However, this does not mean someone shorter or taller could not also ride this unit.

Why Buy a Dirt Bike?

Our versatile dirt bikes can go anywhere and do just about anything. Whether you’ve got a need for speed or a desire for the daring, these bikes are a perfect fit. Honing your riding skills on a dirt bike is great preparation for sport bike riding. Dirt bikes are also a fun, fast way to experience the great outdoors for yard work, racing, or hunting.

Taking the hands on approach to working with our dirt bikes offers invaluable experience to both novice and seasoned riders alike. The knowledge gained from learning the ins and outs of these bikes can be easily applied to the repair and maintenance of cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles.

Riding is a great way to meet fellow motorsports enthusiasts, and our stylish new dirt bikes are guaranteed to catch the eye of both the guys and the gals. Have a great time and create timeless memories with people who love to ride as much as you do. Our dirt bikes can get you there.

Make dirt biking one of the cornerstones of your active lifestyle. Riding promotes strength in both the upper and lower body. Along with regular exercise, dirt biking can keep you on the road to good health and a fit body.

Our dirt bikes are the perfect ride with which to answer adventure’s call. High speeds and even higher jumps are enough to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. Enjoy the thrills on your brand new dirt bike! You can thank us later.

Package Options

Dirt Bike 85% Factory Assembled Package

The Dirt Bike 85% Factory Assembled Package comes with partially assembled. It will be required to assemble some bolt-on items such as: Front and Rear wheels, Handle Bar Clamps, Rear Shocks, and Front Brake. (Each model might be slightly different. Please use this information as a guideline).

**Please note that the quality check on all factory 85% factory assembled packages are performed by the factory. Proper adjustment is required before riding. Licensed mechanic is recommended.

New owners are required to perform inspection of the Dirt Bike before first riding. Professional mechanic is recommended.

Additional PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection Service) service, if applicable, includes: (Extra cost associated with this service)

  1. Assemble all fenders and parts using locktite
  2. Change engine oil and gear oil
  3. Tighten axle nuts
  4. Tighten brake rotor and sprocket bolts
  5. Tighten handle bar bolts
  6. Tighten steering stem nuts
  7. Check brakes and brake lever adjustment
  8. Check throttle adjustment
  9. Check chain/belt tension and adjustment
  10. Check tire pressure
  11. Charge battery
  12. Tighten kickstand and center stand
  13. Check pull start and kick start
  14. Set idle adjustment
  15. Check all fuel lines
  16. Check all electrical connections
  17. Check all lights
  18. Check kill switch
  19. Fill gas tank with small amount of gas to start unit and run.
  20. After test run, drain gas from gas tank before packaging.
  21. Check Charging System
  22. Check signal lights


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