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Listed here under are the Terms and Conditions that govern your use of this website and dealing with Scooter ATV Sales (SAS) and any customer who visits our website or makes a purchase (online or offline) are subject to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully and understand that use of this website constitutes your agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Shipping and Fuel surcharge Notice: About 95% of the customers will not get any shipping / Fuel surcharges, however only about 1% of the customers might get the surcharges on a case by case basis. Shipping to a very far away states and some rural area will incur extra shipping charges like NY, WA, SD, ND, MI, WA, CA, MT, OR, NV, ME, MA,PA, CT, DC, and the East Coast etc will be extra due to excessive fuel surcharges,  Please place your order normally if there are any extra shipping charges we will call you to inform you if not we will process your order as normal. We do not ship it to any Islands, Hawaii and Alaska. Thank you for your understanding.

Copyright and Trademarks

All web copy, videos, images, text and graphics on this website are protected by copyright law and are the intellectual property of SAS. You may not reproduce any of the images, text or graphics contained within this website for any purpose whatsoever without express written permission. All rights are reserved. Permission to use any information contained on this website is restricted and limited to what is necessary for you to determine your interest in the products displayed and to assist you with your decision to purchase a product on this website. If any of our information including images, videos, web copy and shopping software etc. is taken without written permission you will be in direct violation of our trademarks and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Privacy Policy

We recognize that you may be concerned about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information you are asked to divulge when purchasing from or browsing this (SAS) website. In order to provide you with a better service, we may ask for personal details such as your name, address, telephone number or email address.

Privacy law requires us to collect personal information about you only from you if it is reasonable and practical to do so. Personal information is protected from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. Sensitive payment information such as credit card details are not stored on the internet, but is immediately encrypted and directed to a third party payment gateway. Generally, you have no obligation to provide any information requested by us.

If you choose to withhold requested information however, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services that depend on the collection of that information, particularly if the collection of that information is required by law.

Scooter ATV Sales may use the information you provide for the purpose of email marketing. This information will assist us with providing a better service to you and keeping you informed of new items and future promotions. You may opt out of this service by unsubscribing to receive marketing emails by contacting us.

Your information will not be disclosed in any way outside of the primary functions of SAS operations and will not be sold or distributed, unless:

  • It is required by law.
  • Records indicate that an individual may be engaged in illegal activity such as but not limited to, fraud.

Occasionally, Scooter ATV Sales may be required to update our privacy policy. All updates will be notified by an updated version of our Privacy Policy published on our website.

Cookies are small text files that store information on your computer. The information is set by the website you are accessing and can only be accessed by the website that sets it. A password request page encrypted with an SSL certificate protects access to past baskets and orders. If you are concerned about your privacy, delete the cookie file after using the website (see the help information associated with your internet browser).


Our website uses Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) encryption. We are also covered by SSL Security Protection for added safety and to ensure your online experience is as safe as possible.

Credit Card Charge-backs

By purchasing a product from SAS, once that product has shipped you agree that you waive your right to chargeback your credit card under any circumstance and will handle any and all issues in accordance with all our policies. The chargeback process is expensive and time consuming for the merchant and issues can be resolved in an efficient matter by allowing our team to work with you. The first step is always to contact us.

Item Colors

We offer you two color choices when ordering in case your first color choice is out of stock. If both of your color choices are out of stock, you will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss further options.

Warranty, whether express or implied, about the condition of the Vehicle. The Buyer must satisfy himself or herself as to what is offered for sale, and by purchasing will be held to have satisfied himself or herself that the vehicle is satisfactory in all respects. All defects and repairs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. The Seller neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person or entity to assume on his or her behalf, any liability in connection with the sale of the vehicle. Scooter ATV Sales disclaimers of warranty do not affect the terms or applicability of any warranty from the vehicle’s manufacturer that may be applicable to the vehicle.

Year of Manufacture

All vehicles are sold new. Foreign vehicle identification numbers (VIN) may be one or two years behind the US calendar. If the VIN year is a mandatory part of your purchasing decision, you must notify our team before you purchase the unit for clarification and so we may service your needs. SAS will not issue refunds or accept returns for item(s) due to year of manufacture.

Changes and Inaccuracies

SAS constantly makes improvements to our website and we are always striving to get the most accurate product information including item details, price and images. Sometimes we do get inaccurate information from manufacturers. If you are buying something on our website and are concerned the description could be inaccurate, please contact us before making your purchase. Prices are subject to change without notice. Once your order is placed, there are no refunds or reimbursements if prices do change after you have placed your order. SAS is not responsible for typographical, technical or descriptive errors. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason, including errors in pricing.

State Laws on Motor Vehicles

Please check your states laws regarding vehicle emission regulations prior to making a purchase from SAS to ensure your vehicle complies with state laws. This is your responsibility and accountability.

Vehicle Registration

Any on- road motor vehicle must be tagged, titled, and registered. Please refer to you state laws for compliance and procedures. Where an MCO is required for on-road registration, SAS will supply you with an MCO. Please visit our MCO page to request an MCO or call-email us with any questions.

Vehicles and Parts Manufacturer Warranty:

All products and parts sold on our website are covered by a manufacturer warranty that will be facilitated through SAS. Warranty coverage terms vary by manufacturer, please contact us for any questions you may have or for more details.  Any external (non SAS authorized) repair labor costs, down time, towing or shipping charges are not covered under warranty. Warranty Parts Not Covered:

  • Wheels (tires and rims)
  • Clutches
  • Lubricants
  • Gaskets
  • Unauthorized and/or unlicensed repair/assembly
  • Standard wear and tear on parts including (but not limited to): Batteries, Body Parts, Brakes, Spark Plugs, Throttle grips, Hoses, Fuel lines, Brake lines, Filters, Brake & Clutch, Levers, Light bulbs, Seats & upholstery

Warranty is void in the following circumstances:

  • Extreme riding, racing or competition ridings
  • Vandalism or thefts
  • Fires
  • Accident; at fault or not at faults
  • Abuse, Not Servicing or following recommended operation and service

Product Assembly

  • Most of our products do require some partial assembly. If you choose to assemble your unit you accept all liability for the unit and will void your warranty. In order not to void your warranty, you must have a licensed mechanic assemble your unit. Be sure to save the receipt or any paperwork proving the work(s) carried out by the licensed mechanic.

    Do not operate the machine until it has been completely inspected by a certified mechanic. Have the licensed mechanic check that all bolts and components are assembled properly. The customer assumes all responsibility and accountability for proper assembly of their unit.
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