Amigo 150cc Scooter- EXECUTIVE LIMITED 150

Amigo 150cc Scooter- EXECUTIVE LIMITED 150


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EPA, DOT & CARB Approved Street Legal:
This gas scooter is EPA, DOT, CARB approved and is registerable as a street legal vehicle in all 50 states including California.

High Strength Steel Frame; as Large as 250cc’s

Japanese Standard Carburetor, Gates Engine Belt, Oil Seal & NGK Spark Plug

Body Panels:
Duel Stage Paint Treatment.

AM/FM Radio, MP3, Dual USB Ports, SD card Slot, Dual Speakers:
A factory installed audio system is included to play your favorite tunes.

Electric Start / Kick Start / Remote Start:
This moped has two starting systems that allow this scooter to be very efficient. The remote and electric start starting system makes simple starting even easier for anyone. The kick start can also be used at any time. The three starting systems are very convenient in the event that one cannot be used, and it is always a great alternative to have two options rather than one.

Upgraded Stylish Instrument Panel: The instrument panel featured on this scooter has a black background with digital display which make it look far more impressive than most other plain ones.

Dual Disc Brakes:
This 150cc Scooter comes with Hydrallic Disc Brakes on Both front and rear. Most other 150cc scooters have Disc brake on front only, and a drum brake on the rear.

4-Stroke Engine:
This gas motor scooter is equipped with a 150cc 4-stroke engine that has an over 60 MPH speed capability. This engine is very reliable and is manufactured by ZNEN which is a company whose top priority is strict quality control.

Air Cooled:
The cooling system on this model is designed to an incredibly high standard. It keeps the engine temperatures level while offering the perfect amount of power for a more reliable engine and quality scooter.

Fully Automatic Transmission:
The 150cc VISTA TOURING also comes installed with a fully automatic transmission which is operated by the simple to use ‘twist & go’ throttle acceleration. With this scooter, the rider will have no worries about using a clutch or gear shifting, because it is completely automatic and completely stress and worry free.

Emergency Shut Off Switch:
This Moped comes with shut off switch in case of any emergency. With one press of the button it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily.

70-90 MPG:
This motor scooter can get up to 90 miles to the gallon. This kind of gas mileage makes this scooter very fuel efficient and economical. This vehicle is the perfect alternative to cars and motorcycles to save on gas and keep extra money in your pocket!

13″ Tubeless Touring Tires (DOT) with Aluminum Rims (powder coat).

Two-step comfortable Touring Seat and Footrest for two passengers


Engine Type 4 Stroke , Single Cylinder, CVT
Engine brand ZNEN
Displacement 149.6cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Max horsepower 6.3/7500
Max torque 8.8/6000
Max speed 55+ (Depending on rider’s weight and road conditions)
Ignition C.D.I
Starting system Eletric / Kick / Remote
Battery 12V-7Ah
Carburetor brand Deni PD24J
Engine oil 10W/40 or 15w/40
Brakes, front/rear Disc/Disc
Brake operation Hand
Tires,front/rear 130/60-13
Fuel capacity 1.4 Galon
Weight,G.W./N.W 395 Lbs / *
Max load 330 Lbs
Wheelbase 65
OA L*W*H 85.30


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